• Be Original® Series

    Be Original® Series

    “Iconic Ironic,” “Ephemeral Absorption,” and “Just Did It®” are three thought-provoking artworks that challenge conventions and delve into the realm of self-expression. “Iconic Ironic” boldly juxtaposes the Nike swoosh with “BE ORIGINAL,” inviting contemplation on the irony of demanding originality while embracing mass-produced symbols. Meanwhile, “Ephemeral Absorption” portrays the gradual transformation of the Swoosh into…

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  • The Queen’s Gambit

    The Queen’s Gambit

    Inspired by Alex de Marcos’ “The Queen’s Gambit”

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  • Ordinals with Hidden Symbolism

    Ordinals with Hidden Symbolism

    My genesis Ordinal collection (and Bitcoin for that matter) is the perfect way to do that. A lot of thought went into the hidden symbolism built into this collection of 2009 generative artworks inscribed on Bitcoin.

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    (NON)SENSE, emerges as an intriguing blend of absurdity and rationality. This collection is an avant-garde dialog between the viewer and the artwork, teetering between the abstract and the comprehensible, the logical and the nonsensical.

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  • Decorative Toter Wraps Ⓡ

    Decorative Toter Wraps Ⓡ

    Fed up with your garbage can’s smelly aura and questionable cleanliness? Give it a facelift by investing in one of our stylish, durable garbage can wraps! Reclaim some pride for your trash bin – invest in quality wrapping today!

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  • Down The Rabbit Hole

    Down The Rabbit Hole

    This collection is a series of hand-drawn illustrations using watercolor and ink featuring characters and objects from Lewis Caroll’s book, Alice’s Adventures Underground (aka Alice in Wonderland).

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  • Chromatic Mannequins

    Chromatic Mannequins

    An exploration of how space, texture, and color and body position in a minimalist setting can tell stories

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  • Artificial Trash

    Artificial Trash

    A collection of AI designed trash cans. Art directed by Eric P. Rhodes.

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  • Dream Realms on Async Art

    Dream Realms on Async Art

    A generative collage series available on Aysnc Art with 416 editions from 675K possible combinations.

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  • Concentric, A Generative Art Series

    Concentric, A Generative Art Series

    Concentric draws its inspiration from three monumental figures in the realm of art: Milton Glaser, Hilma af Klint, and Wassily Kandinsky.

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