Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Dream Realms on Async Art


Dream RealmsA generative collage series available on Aysnc Art with 416 editions from 675K possible combinations.Experience first hand the beautiful chaos that is Eric’s actual dreams. Themes, settings, ideas, and elements from past dreams have been taken and reimagined to create this generative collage series.Entering the dream realm might leave you curious, enlightened, confused, or unsettled. What do you feel when you see these realms? How do you connect with them? What story do they tell you?Mint Now!
MannequinsUsing low-gloss mannequins in this series is a response to the proliferation of high-gloss 3D tutorial mannequins regularly collected on “premier” NFT platforms.
PotatoesPotatoes show up in Eric’s dreams in various ways: pealing them, cooking them, throwing them, and growing them. Probably has something to do with the award-winning people’s potato.
The SkyAs a kid, Eric looked at the enchanting skyline from his bedroom and dreamed of working in “The City”. And he did. He also fell madly in love there. Skylines at sunrise and sunset are the things dreams are made of.
Artificial IntelligenceVarious backgrounds used in Dream Realms were trained on a set of landscape photographs Eric took while living in CA with the woman he fell in love with in “The City”.