Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Be Original® Series


“Iconic Ironic,” “Ephemeral Absorption,” and “Just Did It®” are three thought-provoking artworks that challenge conventions and delve into the realm of self-expression.

“Iconic Ironic” boldly juxtaposes the Nike swoosh with “BE ORIGINAL,” inviting contemplation on the irony of demanding originality while embracing mass-produced symbols.

Meanwhile, “Ephemeral Absorption” portrays the gradual transformation of the Swoosh into an amorphous viscous flow slowly pulling away from the surface.

“Just Dit It” playfully engages with Nike’s iconic advertising slogan, “Just Do It.” This artwork, is a companion piece “Iconic Ironic” and “Ephemeral Absorption” of the Be Original® series.

Together, these artworks explore the transient nature of identities and symbols, urging viewers to question fixed notions and embrace the fluidity of personal expression.

Iconic Ironic

Iconic Ironic” is a thought-provoking artwork that challenges the notion of originality in contemporary culture. By juxtaposing the globally recognized Nike swoosh with the phrase “BE ORIGINAL” adorned with the Registered Trademark symbol, this artwork offers a nuanced commentary on the paradoxical expectations placed on artists and individuals.

The artwork delves into the prevalent societal demand for creative authenticity while simultaneously embracing and promoting branded culture. It highlights the irony of how people, often unknowingly, seek originality and self-expression, yet willingly embrace mass-produced symbols of individuality, such as the Nike swoosh.

Through its minimalist yet impactful design, the artwork prompts viewers to question the complex relationship between creativity, consumerism, and personal expression. It invites introspection into the influence of branding and the subconscious adoption of popular icons as markers of uniqueness and originality”Iconic Ironic” serves as a visual reminder to critically examine the contradictions inherent in our contemporary cultural landscape, encouraging dialogue about the tension between individuality, commodification, and societal expectations.

Ephemeral Absorption

This is a companion piece to the artwork “Iconic Ironic.” The artwork explores the transformative power of “Ephemeral Absorption,” where the Nike swoosh symbol is gradually pulled away from the surface, merging into an amorphous viscous flow. Inviting viewers to reflect on the paradoxical nature of embracing mass-produced symbols while seeking artistic originality.

Through the interplay of irony and transformation, “Ephemeral Absorption” challenges conventional notions of authenticity. It urges viewers to question fixed identities and embrace the fluidity of personal expression. The gradual expulsion of the Swoosh prompts contemplation on the ever-changing nature of societal constructs and invites viewers to explore personal growth and transformation.

This artwork serves as a catalyst for introspection, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of self-reflection and evolution. It encourages the exploration of individual expression beyond the confines of ironic contradictions, embracing the ephemeral nature of identities and symbols. “Ephemeral Absorption” prompts a deeper understanding of the transformative power of embracing change and the profound impact it can have on personal authenticity.

Just Did It®

“Just Dit It” is an unreleased piece that playfully engages with Nike’s iconic advertising slogan, “Just Do It.” This artwork, in connection with “Iconic Ironic” and “Ephemeral Absorption,” serves as a reminder to act upon your desire for individuality, urging you to go beyond mere talk and embrace your unique self.

By transforming the slogan into “Just Dit It,” the artwork playfully subverts the familiar phrase, encouraging viewers to challenge the status quo and take meaningful action towards expressing their individuality. It serves as a thought-provoking commentary on the importance of authenticity and the necessity of translating intentions into tangible steps.

As a companion to “Iconic Ironic” and “Ephemeral Absorption,” “Just Dit It” builds upon the themes of irony, transformation, and the fluid nature of identities. It prompts reflection on the contrast between urging artists to “be original” while society often embraces standardized symbols and ideologies. The artwork motivates viewers to break free from societal expectations, empowering them to embrace their unique voice and make a genuine impact through their actions.”

Just Dit It” serves as a visual reminder that true individuality is not merely a concept but a call to action. It encourages viewers to go beyond the superficial and actively pursue their passions, dreams, and self-expression. By embodying the spirit of action, the artwork inspires individuals to embrace their authenticity and make a lasting mark on the world.

Embrace the playful yet powerful message of “Just Dit It,” and let it inspire you to step beyond the confines of conformity, ignite your individuality, and make a resounding statement through your actions.