Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Artwork & Projects

Improving Emotional Literacy Through Art

Drawing from my academic studies into emotional intelligence and emotional vocabulary, I’m connecting emotions with colors, flowers, and symbols. The aim is to raise emotional awareness and express complex feelings visually. This creative journey, influenced by decades of personal growth and artistic practice, looks at how art and emotion overlap, fostering empathy and understanding.

Life is Gray

This series ultimately asks the viewer to reflect on the pressures of living in an increasingly digital world where every interaction seems to be observed, reported, and catalogue for future use.

Unofficial Punks

Launched in February 2021 as an homage to the CryptoPunks. After receiving negative feedback from the “Punk” community, it grew into an organic social movement known as the alt-punks. It is responsible for popularizing PFP project remixes and derivatives.

Brutalist Mannequins

In the creation of the Brutalist Mannequins series in 2020, I initially found myself exploring the labyrinth of my own psyche, a terrain shaped by a 37-year battle with anxiety and depression. This series emerged in the aftermath of a profound six-month psychological crisis that began in February 2019.

The People’s Potato

The artwork challenged the concept of scarcity by tokenizing 1-billion of them and becoming a psuedo-currency in Eric’s innovative social liquidity mining protocol. This fungible non-fungible token was short-listed for The Most Innovative NFT in 2020 and won The People’s Choice Award.

WTF is Trash Art?

It might surprise some, but four years ago, I faced criticism, bans, and censorship for creating homages, remixes, and what was derogatorily called “trash” art. From February 2020 to June 2021, respected figures in the crypto art/NFT community labeled me a fraud, thief, and scammer, constantly attacking my character and branding me a money grabber and “trash” artist.

Concentric Ordinals

The collection features 2,009 generative artworks minted on Bitcoin, blending hidden symbolism. This initiative goes beyond art; it’s a tribute to the intricacies of the Bitcoin logo design that fascinated me as a designer.