The Queen’s Gambit

Not The Queen’s GambitNothing is original. Everything is a remix.Hi! This is not “The Queens Gambit” by Alex de Marcos. Thought I should also put something here to remind you that I am, in fact, definitely not Alex de Marcos. This is appropriation art!This artwork sheds a light on creators who conflate morality and copyright law. The piece specifically references the CryptoPhunks, by flipping Alex de Marcos’ image, which has led to allegations of plagiarism and copyright infringement. The intent is to comment on the current situation surrounding Alex’s work, which is also facing similar accusations.But we’ve been down this road before. The copyright debaters, the “be original” pontificators and, the “low effort” deliberators going off. Brace yourself. Sometimes it gets ugly and starts an entire art movement.Buy Now on SuperRare
The Bastard Queen’s GambitNothing is original. Everything is a remix.A collage with elements taken from other artist’s fun remixes. Three (3) were Airdropped to the bidders of “Not The Queen’s Gambit”Buy Now
The Treachery of InspirationThis is Not ArtThe final piece in this series of appropriation artworks. A thought-provoking fusion of iconic references that challenges perception and invites contemplation. Claim

Inspired by Alex de Marcos’ “The Queen’s Gambit”

How it StartedAlex de Marcos’ original “The Queen’s Gambit”Alex’s Work
How it’s GoingA lot of people complained about Alex de Marcos’ “The Queen’s Gambit” after this tweet went viral on May 27th.Original Tweet