Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Hi, I’m Eric 👋🏼

In a Sentence:

I’m an award-winning artist and technologist who’s been innovating in Web3 since 2019.

The Short of It:

I’m Eric (aka Second Realm), an award-winning artist who’s been innovating in Web3 since 2019. I invented social liquidity mining; pioneered the Trash Art movement; pushed the boundaries of IP and digital ownership; launched one of the earliest NFT podcasts focused on creators; and am credited with starting the Alt-punk movement that is responsible for popularizing PFP derivatives. I’m one-half of the Rising Tide podcast with co-host DKleine. And I live in New Jersey with my Lab mix, Bailey.

The Long of It:

I’m an award-winning artist and thought leader on the Metaverse, its related technologies (Web3, NFTs, AI, blockchain, and crypto) and the intersection of creative expression. I’m also one-half of the Rising Tide podcast that covers today’s crypto culture.

I’m known for inventing social liquidity mining, pioneering the NFT Trash Art movement, and pushing the boundaries of intellectual property (IP) and digital ownership in Web3. I’m also credited with starting the Alt-Punks movement, which is responsible for popularizing derivative digital art collections.

In addition to my creative work, my writing on copyright, IP, and digital ownership is cited by legal experts in academic research papers. I also hosted one of the earliest NFT podcasts doing in-depth interviews with innovative creators and builders from around the globe.

Prior to that, I was a program manager at Twitter and consultant at Google focused on human-centered design and customer experience. And I spent a decade in the publishing industry helping New York Times bestselling authors grow their audience.

I live in New Jersey with my Lab mix, Bailey. And I recently returned to Rutgers University after 27 years to complete my bachelor’s degree in social science with an individualized study in visual arts. My expected graduation date is May 2024.

Here’s some more facts about me👇🏼

Heritage & Culture

I’m a second generation Italian American born and raised in New Jersey, USA.


ArtLearningBaseball, and Innovation.

Top 5 “CliftonStrengths

  • Futuristic
  • Learner
  • Relator
  • Activator
  • Arranger


  • Myers–Briggs – Mediator (INFP)
  • Enneagram – Aristocrat (4w3)
  • MSCEIT – Total (106), Facilitation (119)
  • Love Language – Quality Time
  • Zodiacs – Aries☀️, Leo🌕, Horse🧧
  • Life Number – 9

Words I Live By:

  • Be consistent.
  • Be authentic.
  • Be gentle.
  • Be mindful.

Things I Enjoy: