Platforms & Contracts

Since 2019, Second Realm has minted more than a few ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts for various projects using Manifold, Rarible, OpenSea, NEAR Protocol, SuperRare, and Bueno’s no-code contract creation services including the OS Open Storefront. Below you’ll find most of these. For the sake of simplicity, we’ve broken them down by platform first, then Manifold, and then by known ETH contracts.

NFT Platforms

zeroone (AVAX)
Campfire (AVAX)
NFT Showroom (HIVE)
Gamma (BTC)

Manifold Contracts

ERC-1155 – Editioned Art
ERC-721 – 1/1 Art

Known Ethereum Contracts

Here is a comprehensive list of contracts. We’ve attempted to identify what service Eric used to mint it and the type of contract it is off the top of our head. So it’s possible we made a mistake. Let us know if you identify any discrepancies.

Unofficial Punks (OS Open Storefront)
Unofficial Punks V2 (Bueno, ERC-721)
Down The Rabbit Hole (Manifold, ERC-721)
Rare Pepe Punks (Manifold, ERC-1155)
UnOrdinal Punks (Bueno, ERC-721)
Concentric (OS Open Storefront)
Burn After Reading by Second Realm (NEAR, ERC-721)
Collaborations with Second Realm (Rarible, ERC-721)
Glitch Art by Second Realm (Rarible, ERC-721)
Mona Pizza by Second Realm (NEAR, ERC-721)
(NON)SENSE by Second Realm (SuperRare, ERC-721)
Piece of Trash Artist Proof by Second Realm (NEAR, ERC-721)
Political Art by Second Realm (Rarible, ERC-721)
Profanity Paraffins x Second Realm (OS Open Storefront)
Second Realm’s Art Club (OS Open Storefront)
Second Realm Studio (OpenSea, ERC-721)
Second Realm Studio (OG) (Rarible, ERC-721)
Shareware by Second Realm (Rarible, ERC-721)
Skyscapes by Second Realm (Cross-chain series: ETH and HIVE)
SPUD Gang (OS Open Storefront)
The People’s Potato by Second Realm (Rarible, ERC-1155)
The Weeds by Second Realm (Rarible, ERC-721)
Trashintosh by Second Realm (Rarible, ERC-721)

Tezos Contracts

Artificial Trash
Pixel Trash Art
Decorative Toter Wraps
Built For Memes
Everything’s Trash

Memecoin (2020)

$TATR – 0x97371b72B1e897103BEFd628e22a2829e86eBc3D

ENS Name

Below are the ENS names Second Realm mostly uses. He owns some others. But they’re not relevant here.

secondrealm.eth – 0xeE96703614Ea707b0b99ecb55dA74c04Ff70f2Ed
vault.secondrealm.eth – 0xe25ACC4ee8311F06bfB688f7363ac6dEF7650D28

Last Updated: June 13, 2024