Finding Beauty in the Absurd

(NON)SENSE, emerges as an intriguing blend of absurdity and rationality. This collection is an avant-garde dialog between the viewer and the artwork, teetering between the abstract and the comprehensible, the logical and the nonsensical.

(NON)SENSE is anchored on the concept of dissonance – a conflict between what one observes and what the rational mind anticipates to perceive. This peculiar discord forms the very essence of the series. Eric invites viewers on a journey through the series, where conventional norms of comprehension are consistently challenged and reshaped.

However, the journey through (NON)SENSE is anchored by the curious phenomenon of fleeting dissonance. The human brain’s innate adaptability kicks in, prompting it to make sense of the seemingly absurd. Even as this article is being read, one’s perception and conscious understanding have already begun to adjust to the eccentricities of Eric’s series. The primary, unconscious reaction is forever lost in time, never to return. This transient dissonance, the beauty nestled within the absurd, becomes the soul of (NON)SENSE.

Diving Deeper into (NON)SENSE

(NON)SENSE is a generative series. Each artwork features objective AI art with the subject matter intentionally concealed by two non-objective shapes: a circle and a rectangle. As the series progresses, only the background AI art and the color and location of these two shapes evolve.

What feeds this artistic endeavor? Surprisingly, it’s digital waste. Eric reuses the digital debris generated from his explorations with AI tools like Midjourney, Playform, and others. Once the raw art is harvested from this unconventional source, the finishing touch is delivered in Photoshop, where Eric molds the piece into its final, compelling form.

The (NON)SENSE series is Eric’s invitation to viewers to venture into a realm where rationality and absurdity coexist. It challenges preconceived notions, demands a shift in perspective, and offers an unconventional interpretation of AI art. In this transformative journey of dissonance and comprehension, Eric offers us the rare chance to witness and appreciate the ephemeral beauty hidden within the absurd.