Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist


  • Fragments of the Unspoken

    “Fragments of the Unspoken” is a series that takes inspiration from snippets of Eric’s personal journals. For most of his life, he suffered with anxiety and depression silently. Creating art and journaling were his therapeutic outlets. These unspoken words where an outlet for him as he was unable to verbally express them to anyone at…

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  • Ephemeral Ephemera

    The ‘Ephemeral Ephemera’ series captures the fleeting nature of art and thoughts. Using sticky notes, which are typically seen as temporary, the series prompts us to reflect on the value of art. Is it the spark of an initial idea or the culmination in a finished product? These notes represent those brief, passing inspirations, akin…

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  • Ephemeral Echoes

    “Ephemeral Echoes” is a series of digital artworks where the artist takes photographs from their past and transforms them into abstract compositions. In this collection, memories are dissected and reimagined as intricate patterns of boxes and dots, pushing the images beyond recognition. Each artwork is a delicate dance of shadows and light, capturing the essence…

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  • Ephemeral Fauxtography

    Exploring the art of fauxtography, I utilize AI to intricately modify small elements in photographs I’ve taken with my iPhone over the years. I then use monochromatic tones to give the scenes a sense of allure while preserving their authentic, amateur charm. The fauxtographs place the viewer in an ephemeral world that never existed, making…

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  • Portraits of Crypto Heroes & Villains

    The Process These artworks by Eric follow the aesthetics of fragmented image pioneer, Chuck Close. He procedurally creates a detailed composition full of depth. Each recursive portrait is packed with thousands of generative concentric circle pixels that blend to convey a single image.

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  • SINthesis, a PFP Project

    Defying the Norm I’ve always been captivated by the allure of rarity and distinctiveness, traits I noticed are deeply ingrained in generative Profile Picture (PFP) projects. Typically, this uniqueness is crafted by adding a mix of accessories, features, and attire to a cartoonish figure. However, with SINthesis, I decided to completely rethink the concept of…

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  • The People’s Potato

    The Fungible Non-fungible Token (NFT) As far as NFT art goes, The People’s Potato is a one-click moshed potato. It’s an intentionally low-effort, low-quality NFT. And that’s what makes this a fine piece of Trash Art. But it’s so much more than that! I believe scarcity is an objective ideal in cryptocurrency economics attached to…

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  • The Weeds

    “In the weeds, repetition is a revolution.” — Eric Paul Rhodes Where innovation and creation occurred long before some capitalists came by and tried to muck it all up. The definition of weeds is any plant that grows where you don’t want it to grow. Before gardens were curated, buds nipped, trees pruned, and fruit…

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  • Shareware

    Abstract Textures for Remixing. My first experiment with Trash Art is detailed in this shareware project. By purchasing one of the 10 NFTs (April 2020), early collectors have access to 42 total abstract textures that can be shared, copied, altered, remixed, and tokenized digitally in perpetuity with or without credit. Download Shareware [PDF] What is…

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