Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist


  • Has the Art of Tomorrow Lost Its Soul?

    Hi! My name is Eric and I’m a recovering Zombie Futurist. In a world brimming with technological advancements, we stand on the precipice of the future — a future often painted with the brush of innovation, progress, and a technology-driven utopia. But beneath the veneer of this shiny tomorrow lies a phenomenon I term “Zombie…

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  • Ephemeral Fauxtography

    Exploring the art of fauxtography, I utilize AI to intricately modify small elements in photographs I’ve taken with my iPhone over the years. I then use monochromatic tones to give the scenes a sense of allure while preserving their authentic, amateur charm. The fauxtographs place the viewer in an ephemeral world that never existed, making…

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  • Crypto Noir Portraits

    Crypto Noir Portraits pays homage to the visual style and atmosphere of classic noir, bit embraces the advancements of the digital age. Through the integration of modern visual styles and techniques, the series incorporates elements of cyberpunk, glitch art, AI, and futuristic aesthetics. This fusion of traditional and contemporary visual elements creates a captivating visual…

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  • Embracing Potential: Exploring AI as a Powerful Tool for Artists

    As artists, we should not shy away from embracing the potential of AI as a powerful tool. By recognizing that AI is a tool wielded by human ingenuity, we can harness its transformative capabilities to expand our creative endeavors and push the boundaries of our craft.

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  • Reflecting on the Pressures of Living in an Increasingly Digital World

    This series ultimately asks the viewer to reflect on pressures of living in an increasingly digital world where every interaction seems to be observed, reported, and catalogue for future use.

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  • Art is Evolving, and Artists Must Adapt.

    Navigating the complex digital art space may seem daunting, but by using new tools, artists can create a unique voice that resonates amid the noise. Art, at its core, is communication. And now, it’s about communicating in a digital world.

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  • Two AI & Computer Art Accounts to Follow

    A couple of Twitter accounts that I think are worth following are Michael Spalter, who shares the work of early computer artists, and Gary Marcus, an AI expert who shares high-quality content with low hyperbole. I don’t know either of them personally, but I’ve enjoyed their content.

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  • In the Arms of an Angel

    ArmsOfAnAngel.eth You are the art! With every donation to ArmsOfAnAngel.eth, you actively shape the trajectory of the artwork. The immutable nature of these transactions adds a layer of significance, ensuring that your contribution will always be an integral part of the larger narrative. By uniting your resources and compassion, you become not only patrons of…

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