Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist


  • SINthesis, a PFP Project

    Buy SINthesis on OpenSea “I don’t need to borrow someone else’s avatar project to boast. I just fucking make my own! ” — Eric Paul Rhodes

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  • Skyscapes

    Where to find them? Rarible The first 28 were released on Rarible as 1-of-1 and minted using an ERC-721 contract. 1-28 NFT Showroom Then next nine were released on the HIVE blockchain minted via NFTShowroom as 1-of-1s. 29 -37 OpenSea The remaining Skyscapes were minted on Opensea as a 1-of-1 using an ERC-1155 contract. 38-99

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  • Shareware

    Abstract Textures for Remixing. My first experiment with Trash Art is detailed in this shareware project. By purchasing one of the 10 NFTs (April 2020), early collectors have access to 42 total abstract textures that can be shared, copied, altered, remixed, and tokenized digitally in perpetuity with or without credit. Download Shareware [PDF] What is…

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