Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Emotions: Places We Go When Life Is Good

Drawing from my academic studies into emotional intelligence, emotional vocabulary, and emotional literacy, I’m connecting emotions with colors, flowers, and sentiment. The aim is to raise emotional awareness and express complex feelings visually. This creative journey, influenced by decades of personal growth and artistic practice, looks at how art and emotion overlap, fostering empathy and understanding. As I navigate this journey, I explore both collective and personal emotional expressions, contributing to a broader conversation on emotional intelligence and artistic expression. This pursuit goes beyond art creation; it’s a journey into emotional intelligence that nurtures deeper connections and communication.

Tranquility, Relief, Calm, Happiness, Foreboding Joy, Contentment, Gratitude and Joy

About the Palette

Palette Name: Sunlit Days
Palette Sentiment: Highly Positive

Palette Description: The color palette for the “Places We Go When Life Is Good” paints a vivid picture of contentment, peace, and the various shades of happiness that color our experiences during such times. Each color selected offers a glimpse into the moments that make life feel rich and fulfilling. This palette reflects the varied experiences and emotions that come together to create the tapestry of a good life. From the deep tranquility of steel blue to the bright optimism of yellow, each color contributes to a sense of well-being, contentment, and joy. It’s a visual celebration of the good times, offering a reminder to cherish and embrace these moments with gratitude and an open heart.

About the Emotions


Definition: Peacefulness and calmness; free from agitation.

Color: Steel Blue
Flower/Plant: White Lotus – Represents purity, peace, and tranquility.
Sentiment: Positive

Color Description: This color, with its deep and meditative quality, captures the essence of tranquility. It suggests a profound peace and a deep-seated serenity that comes from a harmonious life.

RGB: 70,130,180
HEX: #4682B4
EV Code: 0221110


Definition: Alleviation from distress or discomfort.

Color : Pale Green
Flower/Plant: Lavender – Known for its calming and soothing properties.
Sentiment: Positive

Color Description: Fresh and light, pale green symbolizes the feeling of relief and renewal. It represents the rejuvenation that comes from letting go of past burdens and embracing the freshness of the present moment.

RGB: 152,251,152
HEX: #98FB98
EV Code: 148228


Definition: Serene, without agitation or strong emotion.

Color: Light Blue
Flower/Plant: Bluebell – Symbolizes constancy and everlasting love.
Sentiment: Negative

Color Description: Embodying calm, light blue reflects the serene backdrop of a life filled with peace. It’s the color of a clear sky, suggesting an untroubled mind and a heart at ease.

RGB: 173,216,230
EV Code: 0221110


Definition: A state of well-being and contentment.

Color: Khaki
Flower/Plant: Yellow Rose – Symbolizes friendship and joy.
Sentiment: Neutral/Mixed

Color Description: Warm and content, khaki represents the satisfaction found in simplicity and the comfort of happiness that doesn’t need to be loud to be felt deeply.

RGB: 240,230,140
HEX: #F0E68C
EV Code: 4342210

Foreboding Joy

Definition: Anticipation of joy with underlying worry.

Color: Light Salmon
Flower/Plant: Marigold – Represents caution, grief, and yet warmth.
Sentiment: Positive

Color Description: With its sweetness and underlying complexity, light salmon addresses the nuanced nature of foreboding joy. It acknowledges the shadow of anxiety that can accompany good times, a reminder of the preciousness of these moments.

RGB: 255,160,122
EV Code: 186565


Definition: A state of satisfaction and ease.

Color: Peach Puff
Flower/Plant: Peony – Symbolizes prosperity and peace.
Sentiment: Positive

Color Description: Soft and satisfying, peach puff symbolizes contentment that is gentle and fulfilling. It’s the color of quiet happiness, the kind that fills the soul with a sense of completeness.

RGB: 255,218,185
EV Code: 0332110


Definition: Thankfulness and appreciation.

Color: Navajo White
Flower/Plant: Sweet Pea – Represents thankfulness.
Sentiment: Positive

Color Description: Warm and thankful, Navajo white embodies the gratitude that underpins a good life. It’s a reminder of the importance of appreciating the blessings, big and small, that contribute to our well-being.

RGB: 255,222,173
EV Code: 3443210


Definition: Intense happiness or pleasure.

Color: Yellow
Flower/Plant: Freesia – Symbolizes innocence and joy.
Sentiment: Positive

Color Description: Bright and pure, yellow captures the quintessence of joy. It’s the color of sunshine, suggesting optimism, happiness, and the simple pleasure that comes from being alive and well.

RGB: 255,255,0
EV Code: 5352210

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