Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Emotions: Places We Go When We Fall Short

Drawing from my academic studies into emotional intelligence, emotional vocabulary, and emotional literacy, I’m connecting emotions with colors, flowers, and sentiment. The aim is to raise emotional awareness and express complex feelings visually. This creative journey, influenced by decades of personal growth and artistic practice, looks at how art and emotion overlap, fostering empathy and understanding. As I navigate this journey, I explore both collective and personal emotional expressions, contributing to a broader conversation on emotional intelligence and artistic expression. This pursuit goes beyond art creation; it’s a journey into emotional intelligence that nurtures deeper connections and communication.

Perfectionism, Guilt, Humiliation, Shame, Embarrassment and Self-compassion

About the Palette

Palette Name: Shades of Grace
Palette Sentiment: Highly Negative

Palette Description: The color palette for places we go when we fall short elegantly maps the spectrum of emotions tied to our experiences of not meeting expectations, whether they are our own or those of others. Each color vividly represents a distinct facet of this complex emotional terrain. Together, these colors create a narrative that acknowledges the pain and discomfort of not living up to expectations but also emphasizes the potential for growth, self-acceptance, and the healing power of compassion. It’s a reminder that in the spectrum of human experience, the moments we fall short are as colorful and complex as the moments we soar, each hue offering its own lessons and opportunities for reflection and growth.

About the Emotions


Definition: Refusal to accept any standard short of perfection.

Color: Chartreuse
Flower/Plant: Orchid – Symbolizes beauty, strength, and luxury, often sought after for perfection.
Sentiment: Negative

Color Description: With its bright and intense hue, chartreuse captures the essence of perfectionism. It reflects the relentless drive and high energy often directed towards achieving flawless outcomes, highlighting the vibrancy and sometimes the overwhelming nature of striving for perfection.

RGB: 127,255,0
HEX: #7FFF00
EV Code: -187773


Definition: Feeling of having committed wrong or failed in an obligation.

Color : Plum
Flower/Plant: Scarlet Geranium – Represents melancholy and guilt.
Sentiment: Negative

Color Description: Plum’s deep, rich color embodies the weight and complexity of guilt. It suggests a reflective, introspective state, where one is burdened by the recognition of having fallen short, carrying the depth of introspection and the heaviness of self-reckoning.

RGB: 142,69,133
HEX: #8E4585
EV Code: -1276664


Definition: Strong feelings of embarrassment.

Color: Burn Sienna
Flower/Plant: Snapdragon (When closed) – Can symbolize deception, as if hiding its true self.
Sentiment: Negative

Color Description: This reddish-brown shade speaks to the vulnerability and exposure felt during moments of humiliation. It’s an earthy tone that grounds us in the uncomfortable reality of our imperfections, reflecting the rawness of being seen in our moments of failure.

RGB: 233,116,81
HEX: #E97451
EV Code: -488881


Color: Hot Pink
Definition: Painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by awareness of wrong or foolish behavior.
Flower/Plant: Aloe – Represents healing and protection but also bitterness and burn.
Sentiment: Negative

Color Description: The vividness of hot pink lays bare the intense, often painful exposure of shame. It’s a color that doesn’t shy away from notice, paralleling how shame puts us in the spotlight in a way that feels both revealing and vulnerable.

RGB: 255,105,180
HEX: #FF69B4
EV Code: -597991


Definition: Feeling of self-consciousness, shame, or awkwardness.

Color : Peach
Flower/Plant: Primrose – Represents young love and embarrassment.
Sentiment: Negative

Color Description: Peach, with its soft and warm hue, captures the nuanced experience of embarrassment. It’s akin to a gentle blush, symbolizing the subtler, tender moments of realizing our shortcomings in front of others, yet it carries a certain sweetness and humanity.

RGB: 255,203,164
EV Code: -257554


Definition: Extending compassion to one’s self in instances of perceived inadequacy, failure, or general suffering.

Color: Lemon Chiffon
Flower/Plant: Self-Heal (Prunella) – Represents healing and self-care.
Sentiment: Positive

Color Description: Light and soothing, lemon chiffon represents the healing touch of self-compassion. Amidst the various harsher emotions associated with falling short, this color offers a reminder of the importance of treating ourselves with kindness and understanding, encouraging a gentle perspective on our faults and missteps.

RGB: 255,250,205
EV Code: 3642210

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