Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Emotions: Places We Go When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Drawing from my academic studies into emotional intelligence, emotional vocabulary, and emotional literacy, I’m connecting emotions with colors, flowers, and sentiment. The aim is to raise emotional awareness and express complex feelings visually. This creative journey, influenced by decades of personal growth and artistic practice, looks at how art and emotion overlap, fostering empathy and understanding. As I navigate this journey, I explore both collective and personal emotional expressions, contributing to a broader conversation on emotional intelligence and artistic expression. This pursuit goes beyond art creation; it’s a journey into emotional intelligence that nurtures deeper connections and communication.

Discouragement, Expectations, Disappointment, Boredom, Regret, Resignation and Frustration

About the Palette

Palette Name: Uncharted Waters
Palette Sentiment: Highly Negative

Palette Description: The color palette for the “Places We Go When Things Don’t Go As Planned” beautifully captures the range of emotions and states of mind that can emerge in the face of unexpected outcomes or setbacks. Each color chosen provides insight into the complexity of coping with disappointment and the varied responses it elicits. Together, these colors weave a narrative of resilience, reflection, and adaptation. They remind us that while the path may not always unfold as anticipated, there is a spectrum of responses and growth opportunities that can arise from the unforeseen twists and turns of life. This palette not only illustrates the emotional landscape of dealing with disappointment but also highlights the potential for transformation and new beginnings inherent in every setback.

About the Emotions


Definition: Loss of confidence or enthusiasm.

Color: Olive
Flower/Plant: Willow – Represents mourning and sadness.
Sentiment: Negative

Color Description: Olive adeptly represents the duality of feelings in times of discouragement. Its blend of dark yellow and green captures the juxtaposition of lingering hope amidst feelings of defeat, embodying the resilience that often emerges from challenging situations.

RGB: 128,128,0
HEX: #808000
EV Code: -457763


Definition: Beliefs about what will happen in the future.

Color : Yellow Green
Flower/Plant: Magnolia – Stands for dignity and perseverance.
Sentiment: Neutral/Mixed

Color Description: This color symbolizes the persistence of optimism and the potential for growth even in the face of adversity. Yellow Green infuses a situation with the energy and positivity of yellow, tempered by the renewal and freshness of green, suggesting the possibility of new beginnings and learning from setbacks.

RGB: 154,205,50
HEX: #9ACD32
EV Code: 266665


Definition: Sadness from unmet expectations.

Color: Dark Gray
Flower/Plant: Cyclamen – Represents resignation and goodbye.
Sentiment: Negative

Color Description: Dark Gray conveys the overshadowing of hope, representing how disappointment can cast a shadow over one’s outlook. It embodies the clouding of aspirations and the somber reflection that often accompanies unmet expectations.

RGB: 169,169,169
HEX: #A9A9A9
EV Code: -368773


Definition: Feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest.

Color: Gray
Flower/Plant: Grass – Ubiquitous and often overlooked, symbolizing the mundane.
Sentiment: Negative

Color Description: A lighter shade of gray captures the ennui of boredom, a common feeling when our plans stall or fail to excite us further. It reflects the lack of vibrancy and energy that can pervade when things don’t engage us as anticipated.

RGB: 190,190,190
EV Code: -134444


Definition: Feeling sad or disappointed over something that has happened or been done.

Color: Tan
Flower/Plant: Rue – Known as the herb of regret.
Sentiment: Negative

Color Description: Earthy and grounding, Tan symbolizes the act of looking back with regret. It embodies the reflective process of considering what might have been, offering a foundation for learning from the past and moving forward.

RGB: 210,180,140
HEX: #D2B48C
EV Code: -386772


Definition: Feeling sad or disappointed over something that has happened or been done.

Color: Light Grey
Flower/Plant: Elm Leaf – Represents dignity and strength in adversity.
Sentiment: Negative

Color Description: Light Grey signifies the process of surrender and acceptance. Its softness and subtlety suggest a gentle letting go of what cannot be changed, encouraging a posture of acceptance and openness to new directions.

RGB: 211,211,211
HEX: #D3D3D3
EV Code: -275653


Definition: Feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

Color: Tomato
Flower/Plant: Beech Leaf – Represents tolerance, patience in growth, and overcoming obstacles.
Sentiment: Negative

Color Description: Tomato Red, with its vibrant energy, represents the frustration that often bubbles up when plans go awry. It captures the intensity and heat of emotional responses to obstacles, underscoring the passion and desire that underpin our goals and expectations.

RGB: 255,99,71
HEX: #FF6347
EV Code: -258883

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