In the Arms of an Angel


You are the art!

With every donation to ArmsOfAnAngel.eth, you actively shape the trajectory of the artwork. The immutable nature of these transactions adds a layer of significance, ensuring that your contribution will always be an integral part of the larger narrative. By uniting your resources and compassion, you become not only patrons of the arts but also agents of change.Play

In the Arms of an Angel

A Performative Satire on Web3 Influencers

Step into an immersive and participatory experience with “In the Arms of an Angel.” This project, created entirely with AI, goes beyond traditional art forms to engage viewers as active participants. With a satirical lens on Web3 influencers who had their followers send them free ETH for nothing in return, this experience invites each person who donates to become an integral part of the artwork, forging a tangible connection to the struggles faced by artists in the digital age. Prepare to be both a witness and a catalyst for change.

It’s a multi-layered narrative that intertwines the biting satire of Web3 influencers with the compelling stories of struggling artists. Through a personalized journey, participants are guided to make contributions to ArmsOfAnAngel.eth, creating a profound sense of ownership and involvement. Each donation serves as a brushstroke on the canvas, symbolizing the collective effort to uplift and support artists in their creative endeavors.

With every donation, participants actively shape the trajectory of the artwork, fostering an empowering sense of community. The project aims to blur the boundaries between the art and the audience, making every contributor an essential part of the larger narrative. By uniting their resources and compassion, participants become not only patrons of the arts but also agents of change, driving meaningful impact within the artistic community.

Note: “In the Arms of an Angel” offers a participatory experience where viewers-turned-participants play an integral role in shaping the artwork. Through personalized journeys and contributions to ArmsOfAnAngel.eth, each participant becomes a vital brushstroke, actively participating in the narrative and supporting struggling artists. The intention is to foster a sense of community and empower individuals to make a tangible impact, transforming the art experience into a collaborative and transformative endeavor.

Created with AI in 4 Steps

Step 1: ChatGPTI asked the AI to write satirical copy based on ASPCA classic advertisements using Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” song.
Step 2: ChatGPT Photorealistic PluginUsing part of the copy from Step1 I asked the AI to put together some prompts that I could use in Midjourney. These are two of several I asked it to generate.
Step 3: MidjourneyI input one of the prompts that ChatGPT created into the Midjourney image generator.
Step 4: Elai.I used the copy from ChatGPT and the images from Midjourney to quickly make a video with a talking avatar.