Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Diamond Hearts 💎❤️


Diamond HeartsAre you diamond hearted?“Diamond Hearts” is the final NFT I’m releasing in my Genesis Years. To show appreciation to the 2263 wallet owners who hold my NFTs, I’ve set up a free claim for them. The claim will remain open, indefinitely, until all 1000 are minted.Current collectors can claim up to 3 tokens. This means there are less tokens than wallet owners, allowing active collectors to mint more while everyone has a chance. This function is inspired by the pay-it-forward nature of The People’s Potato. And I hope holders of the two extra tokens will share them with close friends quickly. Check if your address has been whitelisted.What’s next?“Diamond Hearts” NFTs will provide special access to content, new mints, exclusives and alpha. I’m really eager to share what’s coming next as I evolve as an artist. Free Claim
“Diamond Heart”The first token minted on my ERC-721 contract. This is my personal token and will never be sold. This 1/1 represents my diamond hearted nature to believe in myself and my dreams with conviction and steadiness.ERC-721
“Diamond Hearted”The first token minted on my ERC-1155 contract. These are my personal tokens. Never to be sold. All 1000 of these symbolize a commitment to my goals and are (in my mind) a 1-to-1 link to each of the “Diamond Hearts” my collectors mint. ERC-1155

Inspired by my Diamond-Handed Collectors 💎👋🏼

The BrandingDid you know the Diamond Heart theme is echoed in the new logo redesign for Second Realm? I wrote more about the logo redesign in a quick 2-min read.Also, to strengthen this, I’ve set up an emoji domain, 💎❤️ .ws, that redirects to the Second Realm website.Logo Redux
The EthosThis brings everything I’ve been working toward for a year full circle.The transition to the 💎❤️ branding will anchor collectors and supporters to a visually recognizable ethos. It’s a constant reminder that I am diamond hearted.Original Tweet