Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

SINthesis, a PFP Project


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Defying the NormThe allure of rarity and distinctiveness is a trait Eric observed to be commonly embedded in generative Profile Picture (PFP) projects. Typically, this is achieved by appending various accessories, features, and attire to a single cartoonish figure.However, with SINthesis, Eric sought to flip the script in terms of rarity and distinctiveness. In his innovative approach, rarity is designated by the number of heads assigned to each piece, while uniqueness is crafted by eliminating segments of these heads and allowing the backdrop to fill the void.He employed frenzied glitch effects in the backdrop, eschewing the commonplace monochromatic backgrounds of extensive mint PFP projects.Eric also made a conscious decision to use a broad color spectrum for the SINthesis pieces, diverging from the simplistic palettes often seen in large mint PFPs.In contrast to generative PFP projects, where the character takes center stage, SINthesis, under Eric’s guidance, elevates the background and negative space to serve as the focal points of the avatars. Thus, the PFP is characterized by what’s absent rather than what’s present.The greatest challenge Eric faced with SINthesis was striving to sustain a unifying, signature aesthetic—a hallmark of all PFP projects—while concurrently challenging the norms of the era.He accomplished this by utilizing the same mannequin head, a modest, recurring assortment of negative space components, and similar glitch effects in the backdrop.Through this method, Eric gave birth to a new breed of PFP character, one that expresses emotions through the background elements and colors that seep through the negative space, rather than the cartoon face and commonly used elements like beanies and 3D glasses to accessorize the character.

“I don’t need to borrow someone else’s avatar project to boast. I just fucking make my own! ”

— Eric Paul Rhodes