Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

$TATR – Launched in 2020


Official Contract on Etherscan


How do you say $TATR?


As in the dialectal form of potato, tater.


How It Started.

$TATR began life as an experimental protocol formulated at the intersection of decentralized art and decentralized finance.

NFT art collectors were incentivized to share “the people’s potato” with their friends. As a reward, the person who successfully transferred and the person who received the NFT would earn $TATR tokens as a result.

This protocol is known as Social Liquidity Mining (SLM).

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How It Went.

695K $TATR (Ŧ) Tokens Distributed

The Social Liquidity Mining protocol was a success with more than 695K tokens distributed and 89K NFTs collected since launch.

However, SLM distribution ended in late 2020 when gas became extremely high and it was cost prohibitive to manually distribute the tokens.

Selling NFTs for $TATR on OpenSea

Even though distribution of $TATR stopped, there were enough tokens on the market that people could buy & sell NFTs for $TATR on popular platforms like OpenSea and Rarible. So it still maintained its social utility.

Sadly, these platforms eventually removed support for smaller tokens. And all functional utility dried up. So the tokens have remained dormant in many wallets since.

Where Is It Now?

The Social Liquidity Mining Experiment Has Concluded

Eric always viewed $TATR as a social utility token with no monetary value. It was an experiment that incentivized people to share art in order to earn $TATR rewards. And in that regard the experiment was a total success. We were even shortlisted for the most innovative NFT in 2020 and eventually won The People’s Choice award.

The People’s Potato NFT / meme and the $TATR ERC-20 memecoin is now in the hands of collectors and will live on in the history of the 2020 era of NFTs.

Token Supply Reduced to 1M

The total $TATR token supply at launch in 2020 was 10M. Eric burned 90% of them to reduce total supply in circulation to 1M tokens. He also renounced the contract on May 8, 2023.

70% of the Supply Distributed

With 700K tokens distributed that now means 70% of the supply is now in the hands of collectors.

As mentioned in the original distribution plan, Eric will be holding back 30%. He’s transferred those 300,000 tokens to his vault address and will not do anything with them for the foreseeable future. And a smaller portion (4294 TATR ) remains in Eric’s primary wallet so that he’ll always be a holder of his first-ever memecoin.