Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist


  • “Steamboat Willie” Sails into the Public Domain

    A Turning Point in Copyright History In a landmark shift for the world of animation and intellectual property, Disney’s iconic 1928 animated short “Steamboat Willie” [1] entered the public domain on January 1, 2024. This event not only marks a new chapter for one of the most beloved characters in animation history, Mickey Mouse, but…

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  • The Queen’s Gambit

    Inspired by Alex de Marcos’ “The Queen’s Gambit”

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  • The People’s Potato

    The Fungible Non-fungible Token (NFT) As far as NFT art goes, The People’s Potato is a one-click moshed potato. It’s an intentionally low-effort, low-quality NFT. And that’s what makes this a fine piece of Trash Art. But it’s so much more than that! I believe scarcity is an objective ideal in cryptocurrency economics attached to…

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