Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist


  • Why I Keep My Associate’s Degree on My Resume

    In life’s journey, certain choices become a catalyst for change, steering us in unexpected directions. Getting my associate’s degree was one of those pivotal moments. On the surface, it’s just a Computer Science credential from a community college, not as fancy as degrees from a fancy four-year institution like Rutgers or Notre Dame. But, it…

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  • Reflecting on My Return to Rutgers After 27 years.

    As I reflect on my journey back to college to complete my bachelor’s degree, I am struck by the unexpected ways my studies have intertwined with my professional life and personal growth. The decision to pursue labor studies was initially driven by its interdisciplinary approach, encompassing history, psychology, economics, law, anthropology, technology and more. This…

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  • The Enduring Impact of My High School Art Teachers

    My Artistic Foundations My high school art teacher, Doug DePice, made five 20-minute art lesson videos (available below) during the pandemic in 2020 in partnership with the Secaucus Public Library from my home town. And I only discovered them recently. He’s been teaching art for 45 years now! These videos bring me back to when…

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