Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist


  • The Speed of Art, Memes, and Value in Web3

    The Interplay of Speed, Memes, and Art in Web3 The art world is undergoing a transformation like never before, driven by the revolutionary potential of Web3 and blockchain technology. This evolution challenges traditional art paradigms, inviting collectors and tastemakers into an exciting journey through the “speed of art” – defined by rapid creation, cultural responsiveness, and…

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  • Empathy in the Age of Web3

    With the rise of blockchain and NFTs, the art world is witnessing a revolution. But like all revolutions, it has been met with a mix of enthusiasm, skepticism, and even resentment. This article seeks to bridge the gap between pioneering computer graphics artists and the burgeoning Web3 community.

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  • Decentralization in the Web3 Art World: It’s Not A Binary Choice But A Multivariate Spectrum

    Decentralization in the web3 space isn’t a monolithic concept; it’s a palette of opportunities, challenges, and choices. As artists, understanding this spectrum enables us to navigate this new frontier with nuance and creativity, crafting art that not only reflects but actively engages with the decentralized ethos of our digital age.

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  • Breaking Down Web3 Barriers

    In the quest for widespread adoption of next-gen internet technology, we must dismantle the language barriers that impede regular people from fully engaging with the technology. By replacing jargon with clear and relatable language, we can open the doors to a more inclusive community.

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