Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist


  • Breaking Down Web3 Barriers

    In the quest for widespread adoption of next-gen internet technology, we must dismantle the language barriers that impede regular people from fully engaging with the technology. By replacing jargon with clear and relatable language, we can open the doors to a more inclusive community.

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  • Bryan Brinkman on Animation, NFT Market, and Importance of Being Mentally Balanced

    Bryan Brinkman is an artist and an animator who makes cartoons, drawings, and sketches. He also collects NFT art, helping young artists grow in the space.

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  • The NFT Impact Report

    June 2019 – July 2021 Second Realm is the award-winning digital art studio of Eric Paul Rhodes focusing on crypto art, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain technology. Hi, I’m Eric, artist, and founder of Second Realm that hails from the Land of Pizza and Bagels, New Jersey. I’ve been building a passionate community of artists,…

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