Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Generative Art

  • The Jacquard Loom’s Profound Impact on Computing and Digital Art

    During a recent trip to The Paterson Museum for my studies in NJ Labor History at Rutgers University with Dr. Daniel Sidorick, I found myself fascinated by the blend of the silk industry’s history and the technological advancements that molded it. The Jacquard loom and more specifically the punch cards that were fed into it piqued my…

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  • Ordinals with Hidden Symbolism

    Concentric Ordinals Before I turned to crypto art full-time in 2019, I was a designer for 20 years. And when I learned about the hidden symbolism¹ built into the logo design I knew I wanted to find a way to honor that one day. My genesis Ordinal collection (and Bitcoin for that matter) is the…

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