Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Why Feeling Valued Matters in the Art Industry


The Art of Appreciation

In the art industry, just as in any other, the human need to feel valued and appreciated cannot be understated. Artists, collectors, gallerists – we all want to feel seen, acknowledged, and cherished for the unique roles we play and the distinct talents we bring to this vibrant tableau.

The art world can sometimes be perceived as cold, with transactions taking place behind closed doors, and individuals evaluated strictly on the basis of the market value of their work or collection. But at its heart, the art world is a community. It is an ecosystem of passionate individuals who are driven by their love for art – its creation, its display, and its reception.

Artists, above all, pour their souls into their work, each piece a fragment of their being put out into the world. When an artist feels appreciated, not only for the work they produce but also for the intrinsic value they hold as creators, it fuels their creativity and passion. They feel inspired to continue to innovate, to push boundaries, and to express their truths through their medium.

Collectors, too, deserve to be recognized for the critical role they play in the art industry. Their discerning eyes and investment help keep the industry alive, and when they feel wanted and respected for their contributions, they are more likely to continue investing in new talent, sustaining the cycle of creation and appreciation.

Gallery owners, curators, critics – each player in the art ecosystem has a vital part in shaping our cultural landscape. When they feel valued, they are motivated to perform their roles with dedication and integrity, contributing to a thriving, dynamic art industry.

So how do we foster this culture of appreciation? Communication is key. Artists, reach out to your patrons, thanking them for their support. Collectors, let the artists whose work you admire know how much you value their vision. Gallerists, acknowledge the impact of both artists and collectors in making your work possible.

In doing so, we not only affirm the individuals within our industry, but we also build a community rooted in mutual respect and appreciation. And within this community, each of us can find the validation and the motivation we need to keep contributing to the world of art in our unique, invaluable ways.

At the end of the day, whether we are creating, collecting, or curating art, we are all driven by our love for it. Let us show each other that love, appreciating and valifying each other’s roles. When we do, we will see that this love is not only the heart of art; it is also the heart of a thriving, vibrant, and supportive art community.