Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

My Favorite Day of the Week



I’m Italian American. And for as long as I can remember we would have “Family Dinner” every Sunday. This tradition was going on long before I was ever born. And that’s probably not an uncommon tradition for some of you reading this I’d guess.

In my family, my mom and her three sisters are the glue that holds us together. I have very close relationships with many of my cousins. To frame it for you, it’s more brotherly and sisterly than mere cousin. And that’s in addition to my siblings who I’m also really, really close with.

However, what might be uncommon about my family is that we have ~70 family members that live within 10 square miles of each other. And on any given random Tuesday, a gathering of the closest 20 can happen with a moment’s notice at one of “The Sister’s” houses. And it’s not even a party until it at least 30 people are together for longer than 3 hours.

The idea of family is so deeply ingrained in me that when I was asked about my three most important words I answered (in order): family, integrity, and trust. “Family” is so much a part of my personal identity that when I wrote my principles down, “family comes first” was the first one written.

But today is one of the rare Sunday’s throughout the year where we’re not getting together somewhere. Which is why I’m thinking about this.

(That said, I’m writing this post on a Saturday and I just got home from a family BBQ where at least 70 friends and family were still hanging out when I left. So, not having family dinner today is excusable.)

What I love most about Sundays – and why it’s my favorite day of the week – is because no matter where we are in our lives we will always take the time to gather, share a meal, and be with family.

For me, personally, Sunday dinners are centering and grounding. It’s a constant reminder that I am not alone in this world. And when we need to circle the wagons for each other, there’s no other people on the planet who have more integrity and that I trust implicitly.