Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

My Meditation Practice


I’ve had a meditation practice for over 20 years. Here are three techniques I’ve used for steadying my mind when it’s fatigued, off-center, and unfocused.

  • To energize my mind I’ll do a yoga routine. I find doing this in the morning yields the best results for me.
  • To center my mind I’ll do mindfulness exercise where I focus on being present. And when the mind wanders, I recognize it, don’t pass judgement on it, and just bring myself back to the present moment.
  • To visualize my goals I’ll use affirmations while meditating. I visualize myself in the future state I want to be in. And start to feel in my body – in the present moment – what being in that future state would feel like. Essentially embodying the goal.

Personally, I find that the hardest time to choose meditation as a tool is when I need it the most. And over the last 20-something years, this has been my biggest challenge with regard to my meditation practice itself.