Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

My Inner Critic


It’s too late in the day…

…and I’ve yet to submit the post.

And my inner critic is saying that I’m not a good writer right now because I don’t have the piece I thought I was going to send out today ready to go.

However, the main reason it’s not ready is that I’m working on several larger deep dives at the same time and none are ready to ship yet. And my brain tends to work in chunks. So today you get a short, but hopefully helpful post today. 🙂

This week, after discussing my inner critic with my therapist they shared a video about why the inner critic exists and how we can choose to see it.

TL:DR; your inner critic is trying to protect you.

I found this discussion between these two “brilliant therapists” enjoyable. And I found the process with which to begin to consider the inner critic as a protector even more helpful. I watched it several times to make sure I understood.

I encourage you to do the same if your inner critic is especially loud these days.