Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

How Artists Can Harness the Halo Effect


The “halo effect,” a concept in psychology, is a bias where the perception of positive qualities in one thing or part gives rise to the perception of similar qualities in related things or in the whole. In the NFT art world, the economic value of an artwork is one such aspect that influences people’s perception of its quality. A significant sale, like Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” which sold for an astonishing $69 million, not only bolsters the artist’s profile but also creates an aura or ‘halo’ of high value around their work.

Similar to this economic “halo effect,” the prestige associated with where an artwork is sold can significantly elevate an artist’s standing, creating a separate but equally important ‘halo.’ Imagine the difference between selling your work through a renowned institution or gallery like Christie’s or Sotheby’s and selling it independently. Much like being a Harvard graduate opens doors thanks to the university’s revered reputation, an artist’s piece sold through a prestigious platform signals quality and value.

But what if you’re just starting out and don’t have the advantage of a high-profile sale or a prestigious platform? Remember, the recognition or ‘halo’ for some artists might take longer to cultivate, but it does not make it any less valuable or deserved.

So, what can you do to cultivate your own ‘halo’? Here are a few strategies that I have found to be effective, especially when used in conjunction:

Practice Interviewing

Being a guest on podcast interviews is an effective way to articulate your perspective and expertise. Reach out to podcast hosts and inquire about guest opportunities. If you’re an emerging artist without substantial recognition yet, consider participating in smaller podcasts. Not only will these platforms likely have more immediate openings, but they also offer invaluable practice for sharing your story. From these interviews, you can create short clips to share on your social media channels, further extending your reach. Each podcast appearance functions like a badge of honor, enhancing your profile. In other words, the more visible you are, the brighter your halo shines.

Don’t Be A Stranger

Getting included on prestigious NFT platforms such as SuperRare or Nifty Gateway could significantly boost your artist profile. These platforms have a curated approach, adding to your credibility. However, don’t rush to apply. First, engage with their communities, connect with fellow artists, and understand if their values and goals align with yours. Remember, it’s about forming a community, much like inviting someone into your home – you wouldn’t let in a stranger, would you? The more connections you forge within these communities, the brighter your halo shines in their eyes.

Add Genuine Value To Influential People

Building genuine relationships with influential figures in the NFT space is crucial. Here, we’re not talking about social media influencers but rather individuals who actively impact and shape the NFT art community. Identify a handful of these influential individuals and become an active participant in their communities. Seek to understand their needs and challenges. When you spot an opportunity where your unique skills can add value, introduce yourself and offer your assistance. This approach not only helps you build robust relationships but also enhances your standing within the community, thus brightening your halo.

It’s essential to remember why you started on this journey. In a world that often places an overwhelming focus on economic value, don’t lose sight of your artistic mission. Strive to create work that carries a Quality beyond its monetary worth, work that resonates with and impacts the community. This, above all, is the true path to earning your ‘halo’ in the ever-evolving NFT art space. Keep creating, keep engaging, and most importantly, keep shining.