Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Having Multiple Interests Isn’t a Setback


In a world that often prompts us to pick one path and stick to it, I proudly diverge. I’m the type who dives into ideas, unravels their complexities, and relishes the thrill of the journey. Once the enigma is no longer enigmatic, once the curiosity quells, I shift gears, preparing to be a beginner yet again in another realm that intrigues me.

I don’t see this as inconsistency or lack of focus, but rather as a constant, adventurous exploration of the vast intellectual landscapes that surround us. This multi-faceted approach to life isn’t a series of fallbacks; I prefer to call them my “multiple Plan A’s”.

I firmly believe that society needs us, the multipotentialites, the polymaths, or as I prefer, the “Renaissance Souls“. We bring diverse perspectives, catalyze innovation at the intersection of disciplines, and embrace the dynamism of the world. Conventional wisdom, schooling, and cultural norms often urge us to find a single passion and join the “the cult of specialization.” Yet, we live in a complex, interwoven world that needs more than one lens to truly understand and address its challenges.

To those who, like me, revel in the joy of many interests and constantly evolving passions, I say this: continue to learn, explore, and grow in all your multitudes. The world needs our adaptability, our courage to start afresh, and our boundless curiosity.