Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Empathy in the Age of Web3


The digital art landscape is undergoing a seismic shift.

With the rise of blockchain and NFTs, the art world is witnessing a revolution. But like all revolutions, it has been met with a mix of enthusiasm, skepticism, and even resentment. This article seeks to bridge the gap between pioneering computer graphics artists and the burgeoning Web3 community.

Understanding the Pioneers

The pioneers of computer graphics and generative art blazed a trail in uncharted territory. They faced skepticism, technical challenges, and the daunting task of defining a new medium. Their efforts laid the groundwork for everything that followed, and their legacy is etched in every pixel of digital art we see today.

It’s natural for pioneers to feel a range of emotions as they see a new generation take the spotlight. Feelings of envy, territorialism, and nostalgia are human reactions to rapid change. It’s essential to recognize and validate these feelings without letting them sow division.

As NFTs art gains traction, there’s a palpable fear among some pioneers that their contributions might be overshadowed or forgotten. This fear is valid, but it’s crucial to remember that art, like history, builds upon itself. The new does not erase the old.

Celebrating the Web3 Artists

Web3 is not just a continuation of digital art; it’s a paradigm shift. It brings unique challenges, from understanding blockchain to navigating the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. These artists are pioneers in their own right, charting a course in this new frontier.

Every brushstroke, pixel, and line of code by Web3 artists is a testament to their innovation and creativity. Their achievements stand on their own merit and deserve recognition and celebration.

Art and technology are intertwined, and both are perpetually evolving. Each generation brings its flair, perspective, and innovations. The spotlight shifts, but it doesn’t diminish the contributions of those who came before.

Building Bridges, Not Walls

The art world is vast and diverse. There’s room for everyone. By understanding and empathizing with each other’s journeys, artists can foster a more inclusive and supportive community.

Imagine the magic that can happen when the expertise of computer graphics pioneers merges with the innovative spirit of blockchain artists. Collaborative projects can bridge the generational divide and create something truly groundbreaking.

The art community can organize events, exhibitions, and platforms that celebrate both traditional computer graphics, generative art, and Web3. By honoring the past and embracing the future, we can ensure that every artist feels valued and recognized.

The digital art world stands at a crossroads. We can choose division, or we can choose unity. Let’s celebrate the achievements of all artists, learn from each other, and build a richer, more vibrant artistic community. The canvas is vast, and together, we can paint a masterpiece.