Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Emotions: Places We Go When It’s Beyond Us

Drawing from my academic studies into emotional intelligence, emotional vocabulary, and emotional literacy, I’m connecting emotions with colors, flowers, and sentiment. The aim is to raise emotional awareness and express complex feelings visually. This creative journey, influenced by decades of personal growth and artistic practice, looks at how art and emotion overlap, fostering empathy and understanding. As I navigate this journey, I explore both collective and personal emotional expressions, contributing to a broader conversation on emotional intelligence and artistic expression. This pursuit goes beyond art creation; it’s a journey into emotional intelligence that nurtures deeper connections and communication.

Interest, Wonder, Confusion, Surprise, Awe and Curiosity

About the Palette

Palette Name: Beyond the Veil
Palette Sentiment: Mostly Positive

Palette Description: The color palette for the “Places We Go When It’s Beyond Us” beautifully captures the spectrum of emotions and reactions that arise in the face of the extraordinary, the incomprehensible, or the awe-inspiring aspects of life. Each color reflects a distinct response to experiences that stretch the limits of our understanding or imagination. Together, these colors form a narrative of the human response to the profound and the perplexing—the journey from curiosity and interest through confusion and surprise, to awe and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. This palette not only illustrates the emotional and intellectual landscapes we traverse when faced with the extraordinary but also celebrates the capacity for wonder, learning, and growth that such experiences provoke.

About the Emotions


Definition: Engagement or curiosity in something specific.

Color: Lime Green
Flower/Plant: Daisy – Symbolizes curiosity and simplicity.
Sentiment: Positive

Color Description: Lime green, so vibrant and full of life, captures that excited focus and deep interest that kick in when we come across something really cool or tough. It’s like the first burst of enthusiasm and curiosity that push us to explore and welcome the new.

RGB: 0,255,0
HEX: #00FF00
EV Code: 424329


Definition: Marvel or awe inspired by something beautiful or unexpected.

Color : Aquamarine
Flower/Plant: Sunflower – Represents adoration, loyalty, and longevity.
Sentiment: Positive

Color Description: Aquamarine, with its light and reflective vibe, symbolizes openness and magical curiosity. It brings out that feeling of wonder and vastness we get when we come across the unknown or the enchantment of mystery, pulling us into a world of reflection and adventure.

RGB: 127,255,212
EV Code: 335439


Definition: Lack of clarity or understanding; perplexity.

Color: Burlywood
Flower/Plant: Protea – Symbolizes diversity and courage, reflecting the complexity of navigating confusion.
Sentiment: Negative

Color Description: With its subtle, earthy tone, Burlywood captures the essence of confusion and the struggle to grasp the elusive. It represents moments of uncertainty and the search for clarity in the complexities of the unknown.

RGB: 222,184,135
HEX: #DEB887
EV Code: -277774


Definition: A sudden feeling caused by something unexpected.

Color: Magenta
Flower/Plant: Snapdragon – Associated with graciousness and fascination.
Sentiment: Neutral/Mixed

Color Description: Vibrant and striking, magenta represents that “wow” moment when unexpected things happen. Its bold color captures the excitement of sudden realizations or discoveries that expand our horizons and boost our understanding.

RGB: 255,0,255
EV Code: 259686


Definition: A feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.

Color: Orange
Flower/Plant: Stargazer Lily – Represents spectacular beauty and wonder.
Sentiment: Positive

Color Description: With its warm and inspiring vibe, orange embodies the magic and energy of those wondrous moments. It reflects the deep feeling of being moved or uplifted by experiences that reveal the magnificence and mystery of life.

RGB: 255,165,0
HEX: #FFA500
EV Code: 266549


Definition: A strong desire to learn or know more about something.

Color: Sunflower Yellow
Flower/Plant: Forsythia – Symbolizing anticipation.
Sentiment: Positive

Color Description: Sunflower yellow, so bright and inviting, symbolizes the excitement and energy tied to the desire for discovery and growth. This vibrant color sparks curiosity and embodies the joy of uncovering new insights, knowledge, or perspectives that broaden our understanding.

RGB: 255,218,3
EV Code: 535339

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