Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Embracing Life Through Core Principles


My Journey and Vision

My life’s journey is shaped by some fundamental principles that influence my decisions, actions, and relationships, paving a path filled with purpose, truth, and fulfillment. These core pillars – consistency, authenticity, gentleness, and mindfulness – define who I am, guiding my interactions and aspirations.


Consistency isn’t just about routine; it’s about staying dedicated to personal growth and self-improvement. It’s the base for progress, turning daily habits into a strong commitment to getting better. This unwavering principle ensures that every move I make is purposeful. Consistency reflects the resilience and determination deep within me, highlighting my unwavering pursuit of dreams and providing steady guidance along the way.


Being authentic is key to my journey of self-discovery, making sure my actions match my true self. It’s the foundation of my personal growth, pushing me to explore my identity and speak my truths. This value shapes my decisions and ensures they truly represent me.


Gentleness is about showing kindness to myself and others, fostering mutual support and avoiding judgment. This principle brings a compassionate view of life, building meaningful connections and a supportive environment. It reminds me to treat myself kindly like I do others, enriching our shared journey.


Mindfulness keeps me grounded in the present, helping me appreciate life’s details and stay aware of my actions and their effects. This principle helps me navigate the chaos of daily life, making sure my choices align with my core values.

Embracing a Life of Purpose

These principles shape my daily life and guide my future pursuits, covering education, professional growth, and artistic endeavors. They’re not just about success; they’re about living with purpose, authenticity, and empathy. These values aren’t just ideas; they’re at the core of who I am and point me toward the future. They help me navigate with mindfulness, sincerity, compassion, and determination, creating a life that feels right inside and out. By sticking to these principles, I’m all about living with integrity and transparency, facing each moment with authenticity and courage.