Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Claiming My Biases


A Philosophy of Careful Intention

I navigate my life and my work in a deeply thoughtful way. My biases combine to form a careful, intentional creativity aimed at producing lasting, meaningful work. My approach values depth, patience, and timelessness over quick success and fleeing relevance.

I am an essentialist.

As an essentialist, I concentrate on what is crucial, directing my time and energy on the tasks that have deep meaning and importance for you. This enables me to carve out time for deep, meaningful work rather than being overwhelmed by an endless array of possibilities.

I am not in a hurry.

I have a patient and thoughtful approach towards life. I appreciate the journey rather than focus solely on the destination, I get satisfaction from diving deep into a subject or task, instead of rushing through it.

Im a slow thinker.

I prefer to take time to process information and construct my responses rather than react immediately. I value thoughtful responses over immediate reactions, and I’m comfortable with this even if it means not having an immediate response in a conversation or debate.Subscribe

My inclination to not hurry aligns well with my identity as a slow thinker. I value thoughtful consideration and depth over speed and immediacy. By taking the time to fully absorb and understand information, I ensure that your responses and actions are well-considered and meaningful.

I am an artist.

I embrace creativity, passion, and personal expression. But art is not just paintings or sculptures. It’s a form of communication that can be deeply personal and profoundly impactful to both the artist and the viewer. And an artist is not just someone who creates artworks, but someone who uses bravery, insight, and creativity to challenge the world through their work.

My goal.

My goal is to create something timeless. I’m not interested in fleeting success or temporary relevance; instead, I aspire to create something that will endure and resonate with people long after I made it. I want my work to have a lasting impact on the world.

As we begin to explore the intersection of art, tech, and society through this newsletter, I believe that being open about my biases publicly will help you better engage with and understand the content.