Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

A Guide for Artists to Thrive in the Ever-Changing Social Media Landscape


The digital world is ever-changing, and the algorithms that govern X (formerly Twitter) are no exception.

3L0N MV5K by Eric P. Rhodes
3L0N MV5K by Eric P. Rhodes

Understanding these changes is essential for artists who seek to engage with a broader audience and cultivate a vibrant online presence.

Here are four key items you need to be aware of:

Engage with What’s Trending:

  • Talk About Breaking News: If something relevant to your field is making headlines, don’t hesitate to share your perspective.
  • Add Your Insights to Trends: Connect with what’s trending on your home screen and contribute your unique artistic viewpoint.
  • Utilize Multimedia: Videos can significantly enhance your reach. Consider creating video content, whether it’s a time-lapse of your latest artwork or an interactive art tutorial.

Quality Over Quantity:

  • Focus on Creating Quality Content: Your posts should reflect your artistry and creativity. Craft content that resonates with your audience.
  • Utilize the New 48-Hour Visibility: Content can now remain visible for up to 48 hours. Time your posts to maximize exposure.
  • Explore Long-Form Content: Experiment with longer tweets, blogs, or videos. These can foster deeper connections and engagement with your followers.

Navigate the De-Boosting Landscape:

  • Avoid Discussing Competitors: If you talk about X’s competitors, you will get de-boosted.
  • Embrace Longer-Form Content: Short, quickly scrollable posts may be de-boosted. Consider crafting content that invites your followers to pause and engage.
  • Stay Away from Super Short Content: Invest time in creating substantial posts that reflect your artistic philosophy and vision.

Lack of Transparency with the Algorithm:

  • User Ranking: Variables such as follower ratio, account age, and other undisclosed factors contribute to algorithmically determined user reputation scores.
  • Post Ranking: Numerous factors determine post rankings, many of which aren’t transparent to users. Stay positive and undeterred.
  • De-ranking: Accounts with low follower to following ratios get a reduced page rank. The exact ratio that impacts this is unknown.
  • Blacklisted Topics: There is a file of blacklisted words and topics that instantly de-rank posts. The exact list is unknown.

The X algorithm will continue to change, but the essence of creativity remains constant. By embracing these strategies, artists can ensure that their digital presence mirrors the passion, innovation, and quality inherent in their work.

Keep creating, keep engaging, and let your art shine brightly in the digital world