Second Realm

Eric P. Rhodes, Artist

Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotions: Places We Go When The Heart Is Open

    The color palette for the “Places We Go When The Heart Is Open” traverses a wide emotional spectrum, reflecting the vulnerability, strength, and profound depth of feelings involved in opening one’s heart. Each color captures a different aspect of this deeply personal journey.

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  • Emotions: Places We Go When Life Is Good

    The color palette for the “Places We Go When Life Is Good” paints a vivid picture of contentment, peace, and the various shades of happiness that color our experiences during such times. Each color selected offers a glimpse into the moments that make life feel rich and fulfilling.

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  • The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence, Literacy, and Vocabulary

    In today’s increasingly connected and fast-paced life, understanding our emotional framework is increasingly vital. At the core of this exploration lies the intricate relationship among Emotional Intelligence (EI), Emotional Literacy, and Emotional Vocabulary. Let’s dive into how these elements interact to shape our self-awareness, relationships, and well-being. The Foundation: Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence, pioneered by…

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  • Emotional Literacy: A Brief Overview

    Emotional literacy, often linked with emotional vocabulary, involves grasping and managing our feelings while recognizing and influencing the emotions of others. This skill set is increasingly valued not just for personal well-being but also for building strong relationships and positive work environments. A study by Caires et al. (2023) emphasizes the significance of integrating socio-emotional…

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  • Emotional Vocabulary: A Brief Overview

    The idea of emotional vocabulary is all about the words we use to express our feelings and understand emotional experiences. Being good at understanding and using emotional vocabulary is key for boosting emotional literacy. This deep dive looks at why emotional vocabulary matters, backed up by recent research and studies. In the study “Theory of…

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  • Emotions: Places We Go When It’s Beyond Us

    The color palette for the “Places We Go When It’s Beyond Us” beautifully captures the spectrum of emotions and reactions that arise in the face of the extraordinary, the incomprehensible, or the awe-inspiring aspects of life. Each color reflects a distinct response to experiences that stretch the limits of our understanding or imagination.

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  • Improving Emotional Literacy Through Art

    In my current exploration, I’m blending long-established practices of journaling and mindfulness with my digital art practice to dive into the intricacies of human emotions. Motivated by my academic studies on emotional intelligence with Professor Anne-Michelle Marsden and Rutgers University and inspired by the list of emotions in Brené Brown’s “Atlas of the Heart,” I…

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  • Unlocking Emotional Intelligence

    The Surprising Results of My EQ Test Revealed! Emotional Intelligence (EI) is gaining prominence as a crucial aspect of human psychology, challenging the traditional focus solely on cognitive ability. Unlike the oversimplified interpretations often found in mainstream psychology, EI offers a profound framework for comprehending how we perceive, express, and regulate our emotions, significantly impacting…

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