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  • CryptoPunks and Copyrights: What Are The Legal Experts Saying?

    In 2021, I wrote an article called “CryptoPunks and Copyrights: What’s All The Fuss About?” to discuss a debate happening in the Web3 community regarding the copyright-ability of CryptoPunks. Since then, several lawyers and professors have shared their insights. Below is a synopsis of (and links to) five pieces that I believe add important context…

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  • “Steamboat Willie” Sails into the Public Domain

    A Turning Point in Copyright History In a landmark shift for the world of animation and intellectual property, Disney’s iconic 1928 animated short “Steamboat Willie” [1] entered the public domain on January 1, 2024. This event not only marks a new chapter for one of the most beloved characters in animation history, Mickey Mouse, but…

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  • Five Things Every Artist Should Know About Copyrights

    The Art of Copyright Understanding Ownership in the NFT Space As an appropriation artist in the NFT space, my journey has led me to learn a lot about copyright law and intellectual property rights (IP). I’ve even been lucky enough to have my reporting on CryptoPunks and copyright included in some academic legal papers. And I’ve taken an Art Law…

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  • CryptoPunks and Copyrights: What’s All The Fuss About?

    CryptoPunk copyrights are being debated in the NFT community with input from Punk owners, collectors, artists, influencers, investors, and entrepreneurs. This is what I’ve learned.

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